Royal London

Buckingham Palace


One of the most famous addresses in the world, the home to the Queen but also the central office of the Royal family where all those people work who keep the Royal family such a well oiled machine. In the summer it's possible to have a look inside at the real deal.

Kensington Palace


Stylish Royal residence. Wander through a sumptuous set of rooms of the King's State apartments. See the childhood home of Queen Victoria and current home to the young Royals today. Once home of Diana Princess of Wales and now the place to view her glamorous dresses.

Changing of the Guard


No visit to London is really complete without seeing what all the fuss is about, but if you can't see it you won't be any the wiser. I know the best spots and can explain everything that's going on. Just enough and not too much.

Westminster Abbey


The Coronation church as well as where over 3000 people are buried and there are over 600 memorials. See the graves of the famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton, the Victorian novelist Charles Dickens and the naturalist Charles Darwin and many more. Built in the 13th century, the most sacred royal space in London and a centre piece of Britain's national life.

St Paul's Cathedral


Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece, started after the 1666 fire of London destroyed its predecessor. The enormous Dome contains a Whispering Gallery where you can share secret messages with a loved one on the other side of the dome!

Admiral Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington are buried here, see their magnificent tombs in the crypt.

Tower of London


A Fortress, a Palace, an execution site and home to the ravens and the Beefeaters and much much more. Come and hear the stories and climb the Towers, see traitor's Gate and original graffiti of prisoners and marvel at the size of the diamonds in the Crown Jewels collection. You can spend as much or as little time here as you want, but every moment is always rewarding. A not to be missed site for first time visitors to London